Coliform Bacteria in Connecticut well water.


Coliform is a family of bacteria common in soils, plants and animals. Coliform is made up of several groups, one of which is formed in the intestinal tracts of Coliform Bacteria well water Connecticutanimals. Some are harmless but they should not be in a well water system. 

If they are found it could mean that there may be more harmful Coliform Bacteria in the well water.


We find that when Coliform Bacteria is found in your well water it is usually caused by the following :

  1. Improper sampling-The person tanking the sample did not use proper sampling procedures.
  2. A pass fail test. They may be excellent for e·col i bacteria but may give you a false positive if some iron bacteria are present.
  3. Water passing through a dirty filter or faucet strainer that has not properly been cleaned can cause the failure.
  4. The well cap and conduit are not up to code or have deteriorated with age and need to be replaced .
  5. The well head is buried below ground level.
    We have found that a dug well is the most susceptible for a bad Coliform Bacteria well water count.

To correct the problem a well inspection would be required. We like to find the problem, correct the problem, chlorinate the system and resample. 

If you need help please contact our office at 800-541-7462 .
Please note that when Coliform Bacteria well water is found in a drilled well 99% of the time. It is not the well part of the well system.


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